Tuesday, August 04, 2009

one day late



i've been holding onto this project for quite awhile now. i showed a sneak peek of it here. one of my best friends was pregnant and i designed them for her as a gift. i didn't want to reveal them until after she had the baby and received the gift. the coast is clear now!

i wanted to post this yesterday for marzipan monday, but no matter where i looked, i couldn't find my prototype to photograph. i knew that i had taken them to the living room to show a friend, but now they were nowhere to be found! well, this morning the baby came running to me holding the magnets in his hand saying "ridg-rater, ridg-rater, ridg-rater". i couldn't figure out what he was saying so i asked him where he found them when he repeated "ridg-rater" again and led me to his play kitchen and pointed to the refrigerator portion. turns out i wasn't going crazy. somehow the little man had gotten hold of them and tucked them in his "ridg-rater" for safe-keeping.

so now that i have them back in my hands, i'm happy to finally share the new alphabet magnet sets i plan to sell in our fin+roe album! they can even be customized! if the baby's name is known, we alter the label to reflect that. for example it might read: "miles' alphabet magnets". even better, we also include an extra custom magnet with the baby's name!

set includes one of each letter in the alphabet in a rainbow of colors and patterns. they're all packaged in a vintage screw-top container. (the containers are limited edition, so they won't last forever!) magnets measure 2.25". they're not available on the website yet, but will be shortly!


Molly said...

they are brilliant, Lori! Love the magnets, love the packaging!

Carey@Lasso'd Moon Designs said...

these are awesome Lori! love them :)

Shakespeare's Bride said...

Love the packaging, so clever!

Julie said...

Lori - how fantastic! Love the canister & packaging design!

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