Thursday, August 20, 2009

thrifted: print | clutch



here are some before and after photos of a print i recently bought at a flea market. i know it's not for everyone. (one of them being my hubby.) i love the quirky boy holding the rooster all proper-like. there's just something about him that i couldn't walk away from. actually, after showing the hubby, i did walk away. we finished the rest of the flea market and i couldn't stop thinking of the silly little boy so i had to veto the hubby's vote and go back and get him. the frame was a dark brown that wasn't in the greatest shape. the corners were splitting apart, etc. i patched them up and then painted the frame a glossy white. i also had to redo the gold leafing because after taping off the area for paint, some of it peeled up. i'm really excited to hang my little friend in our new kitchen.


here's a vintage clutch i picked up at the same flea market. the lady said she thought it was from the 40's. i love the ornate decoration on the outside. i think it would be the perfect addition to a simple little party dress. one of the best things is that the lady i bought it from said: "it looks like you". i took it as a major compliment. funny how a stranger can so quickly sum up my style!

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Julie said...

It's a good thing I wasn't at the same flea market because I would have arm wrestled you for the rooster print. ;-) Love it!

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