Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i swear



(photo note: i know the photo is blurry, but i was using a new lens that a friend lent to me. even with the blurry quality i really love the photo. you may see a few more like this. no, i don't need my eyes checked, i actually like them.)

ok, so this week's "that's what he said" comes from the oh-so-innocent-looking boy in the photo above. if you've read this blog at all you know that the baby has been a complete handful from day 1. so, it comes as no surprise to me that the following events transpired.

we are not quite in full potty training mode here yet. he seems a little interested, but the interest goes in spurts so i haven't pushed it much. well, yesterday morning he asked to sit on the potty so we got the little plastic potty chair out and stripped him down so he could sit awhile. he decided he wanted to move the potty into the living room, and since we have hardwood floors now instead of carpet i was ok with it. well, he decided that he didn't like the little "drawer" in the bottom of his potty. (you know, the one that actually catches everything) big brother noticed that he was trying to remove it and told him that he had to keep it in there. the baby didn't like that answer and proceeded to rip it out and THROW it across the room. yeah.

so, i had to play bad cop and take the potty away and tell him that he had to put his diaper back on because that was naughty. so i laid him down on the floor to put the diaper back on while he screamed and cried for the potty back. as soon as he was laid down he slammed his hands on the floor and exclaimed: "DAMN IT!"

ahhhh....yeah. talk about proud parenting moments. at least it was only me and the two boys and not somewhere out in public. this little guy is going to give me a run for my money.


patricia said...

LOL. What is it with second children? Our daughter does things that our older one would've NEVER dreamed up!

Carey@Lasso'd Moon Designs said...

LOL- every parent has THAT moment.

Cathe said...

Oh, my... Your little guy sounds like my little guy — quite a handful!

Josh & Krista said...

hahaha! this is great =] hmmm...can't wait to babysit again!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that cute story. What a rascal!

His eyes are BEAUTIFUL! Both your kids have such eyes!

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