Monday, November 09, 2009

marzipan monday :: holiday favorites


for this week's marzipan monday i thought i'd share some of this year's favorites from both of my companies: marzipan inc. and fin+roe.


if you're shopping for a more traditional card, how can you resist this dashing snowman from marzipan inc.? seriously, a mustache, vest, tie, AND a top hat! he is one dapper dan. you can purchase him at your local retailer or online at shades of violet.


our new fin+roe embroidery line for 2010 is in the works, but we rolled out the holiday cards and a few other products in time for holiday shopping. there are 10 cross stitch patterns you can choose from, 20 colors, and 3 different fonts!


i thought i'd include a magnet memento card from last year's line. we're also developing them for this year, but haven't made them live on the site yet. if you're interested in seeing a magnet memento card with an embroidery pattern, let us know. we'll be happy to send you some to choose from!

1 comment:

Julie said...

Adorable snowman - and yes, he IS dashing! :-)

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