Thursday, November 12, 2009

thrifted :: magazine rack


it's not often that i find a piece of thrifted furniture that i think is absolutely perfect the way i've found it. usually i want to spruce it up a little....a little paint here, new fabric there. a few weeks ago i came across this adorable magazine rack at our local thrift shop. it was love at first sight. i loved the shape, the finish was pristine, and the color wasn't garish. (it's a very dark brown with a tint of green) at $5, it practically hopped right into my cart.

magazine rack

magazine rack


Anonymous said...

i love it, too! lucky girl!

Henry said...

These modern Magazine Racks feature innovative designs while having enough space to hold plenty of literature.

samovarkath said...

Sorry Henry... they can't compare to the character and functionality of the antique rack!

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