Saturday, January 23, 2010

family friday (a day late) :: double lucky


the little dude had friday off of school so i made some special plans to spend some one on one time together. just me and the little dude. we started of by going out to lunch (which the baby came with). we dropped the baby off at home for a nap with a babysitter and then went ice skating for the very first time.


it was much more difficult than i anticipated. it was like trying to hold onto gumby on ice skates! by the end though, he was doing fairly well and attempted a few steps here and there without holding onto my hand. the pride on his face in this photo just kills me. it's one of those things that melts a mama's heart....when their child is proud of something they did.

cool it off

after skating we went to warm up at the best bakery in town with a shared cup of hot cocoa. it's actually owned by my grandfather's sister's family so they know us well. of course, the little dude was offered a m&m cookie which he immediately gobbled up.

looking out window

he was so cute sitting in front of the window with the sun shining in that i couldn't stop taking pictures. we had a lovely chat about skating and what was yet to come on our date.

drinking it up

the rest of our day consisted of going to an estate sale where the had the best time rummaging through everything.

drunk with chocolate

after finishing his hot chocolate he collapsed back in his chair as if he was in a drunken stupor. it was one of the best afternoons i've ever had. he expressed to me how he was double lucky because of all the special things he got to do that day. after listing off all the things he got to do, and eat, he decided it was more like quadruple lucky! i completely agree!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely day the 2 of you had - yay for mom/son dates!

Anonymous said...

he's such a sweetheart. cute!

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