Wednesday, January 06, 2010

that's what he said wednesday :: mansion


lego man

the other day we were driving by a beautiful new building on the way to my parents' house that i believe is a church and school. it has beautiful windows from top to bottom and is a quite the site. as we drove by i said to the little dude: "isn't that building beautiful?" of course he responded with: "yes". he thought for a second and said: "we should live there". i explained to him that it wasn't a house and that i thought it was a church and a school. i said that if it were a house it would be a mansion.

"what's a mansion?" he asked.
"well, a mansion is something that rich people build to show everyone how much money they have. they're usually way too big for anyone and it's really pretty silly." i explained.


"do people who build big mansions have big wallets too?"

why yes honey, they do. they sure do!

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