Friday, January 01, 2010

welcome 2010 :: business & personal goals


last year i made a long list of huge goals for 2009. while i accomplished a lot of them, many didn't make it to fruition. i think it was a case of high expectations rather than lack of trying. there just wasn't enough time to complete them all. i'm not too disappointed about this. i'd rather set my goals high and not meet all of them than set them too low and be done by june. i'm carrying a lot of my goals over from last year to this year since a lot of them are things i'd like to continue. 

personal goals:
  1. still trying to loose that baby weight. this was one of my goals that i was most disappointed in not accomplishing this year. it wasn't for lack of trying. unfortunately i weigh more now than i did at this time last year. i was well on my way to my goal weight (only about 5 lbs away) but was then prescribed a new medication that caused major weight gain. i'm working with my dr. on this and will hopefully come to a solution which will help me loose the baby weight plus the weight gain from the medication. 
  2. craft more.
  3. make thoughtful, beautiful, handmade gifts for christmas this year.
  4. start those gifts early and do them throughout the year.
  5. continue to be more daring with my wardrobe. be true to myself.
  6. arrange my schedule for one-on-one time with the boys.
  7. have a date night with hubby at least once a month. just us.
  8. save more money.
  9. finish the kitchen remodel. all that's left is floor trim.
  10. continue to improve my photography skills.
  11. continue to live a thrifty life by buying things used through thrift stores and garage sales.
in my business life:
  1. develop new card line based on designs/patterns from fin+roe.
  2. design, design, design and expand fin+roe.
  3. determine what direction fin+roe will continue in. (details to come)
  4. incorporate shades of violet and marzipan inc. into one identity.
  5. expand the sales force for marzipan inc.
  6. work on doing more PR for both marzipan inc. and fin+roe.
  7. do something with all the overstock & discontinued products cluttering up the studio warehouse room. 
  8. now that the studio is mostly organized, continue to keep it clean and continue to decorate it to make it more inviting. 
happy new year to you all! here's to an exciting 2010!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not one for resolutions, it's too easy to become disappointed when they don't work out. Instead, I chose an inclination last year, and it worked out so well, that I'm inclinating again! I did also add my word for the year : simplify!

More here if you're interested!

Happy New Year - Candy

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