Friday, January 08, 2010

family friday :: sledding


the day after christmas brought us a huge snowfall. the boys were so excited to go play in the snow. for the baby it was really his first experience since last year he was only a year old. the hubby got them all bundled up to head down the street to the biggest, craziest snow hill you've ever seen.

catching snow

before they left for the hill they had to try and catch the huge falling snowflakes on their tongues.


all bundled up and in the sled ready to go down to the hill.


after returning home, the baby explained to me why he wasn't going to ever go sledding again. turns out he wasn't that thrilled with going down the big, huge hill in a sled. after their run down the hill, daddy was trying to console him and tell him it was ok through the baby's tears. then, seconds later, he promptly got run over by 2 kids flying down the hill at warp speed. the hubby said that he literally landed head first in the snow. (no injuries thank goodness) now the mere mention of sledding puts the baby in a panic. "no, i bonk people" is what he usually says. looks like the little dude might be sledding solo for awhile.


patricia said...

I can't show this to our kids or they'd have a major case of envy. I'm actually a tad envious myself. ;)

sarah said...

cute photos!

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