Tuesday, January 19, 2010

things i want (and made myself) tuesday :: an apple a day


i found this amazing poster online at the end of the year. the idea is that each day you place the sticker from an apple on the corresponding date to remind yourself to eat your fruit! i take no credit for this idea. (although i wish i had thought of it!) since i'm trying to loose some weight i thought this would be a fun thing to try! i made up a poster of my own and started on the first day of the year.

an apple a day

so much for an apple a day keeps the dr. away. you can see after day 4, there are some spots without stickers. yeah, that's because i came down with the flu after 4 days of apples. coincidence? just kidding. so anyway, i wasn't up to eating much for those 5 days so i stamped it with the letter "s" from my kids' stamp set so that i know why i didn't accomplish my goal that day.

an apple a day

i'm also not limiting myself to apples. any large-ish piece of fruit counts. i try to eat it with, or before, dinner so that i eat less of my other food. tomorrow will be day 20. so far so good!

an apple a day

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one sydney road said...

just had to say i came across your blog from pugly pixel - love the design of your blog...and love this idea!! i need it for both fruit & veggies:)!

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