Friday, March 19, 2010

family friday :: grandma's fort


last sunday we spent the day at my parent's house with my brother and his family. the little dude and his cousin "e" are best buddies. they have so much fun together. they decided they wanted to make a fort and asked papa for a cardboard box. they spent time making signs and pictures to hang on their fort. they then asked grandma to make a sign for their fort with their names on it. this is grandma's sign:

grandma's fort sign

how closely did you look? need a close-up?

grandma's fort sign

yup. that's my mom. if you know my mom at all, this is classic. she had no idea what she had written until a couple hours later when my brother looked at it and said: "did you write: finley's and emma's fart?"

i immediately took pictures and my mom said: "you're not going to put this on your blog are you?"

yes, yes i am.


Melissa said...


daisy janie said...

Hilarious!!! I didn't catch it in the first image, but I certainly did in the second. Something the word FART - gets me everytime. Very funny story!

mari said...

Can't stop giggling.

henzy said...

hahhaa.. that is precious

Anonymous said...

i got a good chuckle. thank you, typos!

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