Thursday, March 18, 2010

thrifted :: cameo


i visited an estate sale last week that was full of great items. unfortunately, the prices at this place were ridiculous! for example, a crappy, little sunbeam iron....the kind you find in a cheap hotel, had a price tag on it of $32 freaking dollars!! what? anyway, i made my way around hoping to find a treasure with a reasonable price tag. 

i made it through the whole house without finding anything that was reasonable enough to buy. they had a small tray of items at the check out table that i decided to look at on my way out. 

cameo front

i quickly spied this amazing cameo. it's heftier than most cameos i've seen. because of it's thickness, i assumed it was a locket of some sort. i saw a small hinge at the bottom of the back side (shown below, left) but couldn't get it open for the life of me. finally, after struggling with it, i figured out how to pry it open.

cameo back & inside

to my surprise, it was filled with, what i thought was, balm of some sort. (seen above, right) the lady at the table informed me that i was perfume. of course, at this point it doesn't smell the best (or maybe that's what it's supposed to smell like). i thought i might clean it out and put some sort of solid lip balm in it.

i also broke my jewelry rule on this piece. i typically don't spend more than $5 on my vintage jewelry pieces, but this one was marked at $8 and just stole my heart, so i had to bring her home with me.

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Julie said...

"She" is very pretty - I love the extra details on the back of the cameo. Very pretty!

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