Friday, March 12, 2010

family friday :: month in review


i've been horrible about my family friday posts lately. by the time friday rolls around i'm so beat that i sort of let it slide by. this week i'll be recapping a few things that have happened while i've been slacking on my posts.


a couple weeks ago, the boys held a "picnic" for us under the dining room table. (sorry for the photo quality, but there's not a ton of light under the table!) they donned their aprons, brought out all their play food and served us up an amazing picnic made all by themselves. it even included a fire pit (the popsicle stick structure) to cook the food! it was quite an ordeal and at one point we had to "speed it up" a little bit because it was heading toward taking all night. it was sweet watching them create and serve us up their delicious treats.


the boys have recently discovered the joys of sliding down the stairs on their tummys. you can totally tell the difference in personality in the second photo. the little dude takes a slower route down the stairs, while the baby is no-holds-barred, full speed ahead!


finally, the hubby took the boys out to make the long-awaited snowman. (or in this case, his version of a "wild thing") the boys had been waiting all winter for this, but the snow never seemed to be snowman-building-snow. alas, it has now melted as spring seems to be right around the corner!


Three Owls said...

That is one fantastic snowman!!

April Johnson said...

I loooooove the snowman! That is fantastic. We had all those snow storms in Ohio, and the second to last was the good packing/snowman snow. I was so sad that I had finals and Steve worked, so we didn't get to make use of it. Every other snow we got we were ready, but it just wasn't the right kind. Kudos to you guys!

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