Wednesday, March 03, 2010

that's what he said wednesday :: wheelbarrow


now that the little dude is making some (in my opinion) amazing, funny, and interesting drawings, i'm going to start trying to include them in my "that's what he said" feature.


the little dude drew this for me yesterday. i was completely blown away by his attempt at perspective. the fact that he tried to get the inside and the sides of the wheelbarrow drawn the right way just blows me away. i have a hard time with perspective even after art school!

lately he's been drawing a ton. i have stacks and stacks of drawings to scan in. he's also been really excited about "being an artist just like mommy when i grow up". it makes my insides all mushy and melty with pride.


mari said...

That is the coolest.
It's so wonderful that he gets to see what you're doing and understand it - vs. a desk job somewhere else that he's not a part of. I hope Wren is the same way! (I hope I'm still working at home for that long!)

Angie said...

This is simply wonderful. I love that he is able to translate his vision on paper. Even more, I love that he wants to emulate you. My little one is the same way. It's a bond I will always treasure (through stacks and stacks of artwork).

Julie said...

You're setting such a great example for your kids! Out of all my family (excluding my husband), it's my 14 yr old son that is the most supportive of my business - he asks me every day "mom, what did you do today with your cards?" :-)

one sydney road said...

OMG, that is the sweetest, coolest thing ever! It must be so amazing to see how he wants to be like mommy.

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