Monday, March 01, 2010

letterpress giveaway!


in honor of our new letterpress release, we're having a giveaway! check out the details below:


win 5 letterpress cards of your choice!

here's what you need to do to win:

  1. go to the fin+roe website and tell me which 5 cards from our letterpress line you would choose if you won. 

if you'd like to increase your chances of winning, you can do any or all of the following: (please enter a separate comment for each item you complete)

  1. follow my blog. you can do this over in the right hand column. 
  2. tweet or facebook about this giveaway.
  3. blog about this giveaway.
  4. become a fan of marzipan inc. on faebook
  5. ask me a meaningful question on formspring. (asking me what my favorite color is will not work) 

that's 6 chances to win!

ok, i think that wraps it up! i'll leave this open until friday at noon (CST). good luck!


sarah said...

i would definitely choose:
i love you, well done, feel better soon, happy anniversary and oh happy day....

sarah said...

going right now to retweet!

Hannah Chandler. said...

so very excited about this. no. really. i am.

my card picks (after much deliberation.) - "with deepest sympathy"/"happy birthday"/"thanks a bunch"/"i love you"/"hello friend"

so there's that.

Dawn said...

oooh I would choose
1. Hello Friend
2. Well Done
3. Hello Baby Girl
4. Oh Happy Day
5. Birthday Wishes
ooooooh but I also love Missing I'd just have to decide if I won :)

Hannah Chandler. said...

blog = followed.

(i was following it before this contest. does that count? i mean i think it should. maybe even involve bonus points of some sort.)


Hannah Chandler. said...

tweet tweeted.

Hannah Chandler. said...

i was gonna try and let some others comment between my comments, so i don't seem so...eager.

but. i am fan on good ole' FB as well.

i am also eager.

Lisa said...

i would love the thank you cards!

Lisa said...

also tweeted about it!

Jaimee said...

Hmmm...I love them all.
My 5 fav's would have to be:
happy anniversary
missing you
birthday wishes
well done *(LOVE THIS ONE)
feel better soon

mari said...

Too hard to choose!
501 hello friend
510 huge thanks
511 oh happy day
517 happy birthday
522 happy birthday


mari said...

And I follow...

Jaimee said...

I officially follow your blog now :)

mari said...

I tweeted!

mari said...

AND I'm already a fan on facebook.

Jaimee said...

Just "tweeted"

Jaimee said...

just became a Marzipan Fan!!!

Lisa Wright said...

These are just adorable. I'd pick: "i love you", "missing you", "i like you", "happy birthday 523" and "feel better soon".

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

I like fr509- green birthday card- I'd probably like 5 of the same, as they are really good for all sorts of people (plus I like multiples!)
Very nice collection. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

i sent this on twitter, too.

here are my top faves:

feel better soon
huge thanks
happy birthday
oh happy day
i like you (LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!)

carina said...

so many good ones!
here are my picks:
512, 513, 514, 516 and 523

christina said...

love these! you're so talented. my favs are 512, 523, 502, 500 and 511.

Funky Finds said...

i'm a facebook fan!

jessica hood dougherty

Funky Finds said...

i love the monogrammed notecard...would love 5 of those! :)

Alison said...

I love you, Oh Happy Day, Birthday, Missing You, Huge Thanks.

Can I pick six? : ) Well Done, too!

Karlye said...

I'd pick: Happy Birthday: i'd love to celebrate with you, but i'm pretty sure there's an early bird buffet you want to get to.; Birthday Wishes: mine include a pool boy, unlimited funds, and a guest house full of shoes. how about you?; Happy Birthday - Gray goes with everything (because I'm going gray); Feel better soon, so we can get together (perfect message); hello baby girl (perfect for my preggo friend). Your sentiments are appropriate for so many things in my life right now.

Anonymous said...

Too bad all is not an option! LOL

My favorites are the:
1. I love you
2. well done
3. feel better soon
4. congrats newlyweds
5. missing you

Anonymous said...

I tweeted too (@amandajeanne17)

Anonymous said...

Asked a question on formspring! :)

Anonymous said...

following your blog too! :)

Cate said...

Almost impossible to pick just 5! They are all just great..anyway, 502,504,505,508,512. I'm following you and heading over to facebook. Thanks Cate

Katrina said...

I love these: Feel better soon, I love you, Birthday wishes, Thinking of you, Thanks a bunch ... Cute stuff! Congrats on all your big news lately!

Fiona Cartolina said...

I love love love your new cards so much and I am lucky enough to have seen them in person already.
My faves are:
You are the smartest cookie I know - these cards are going to be a huge hit - how many times do I have to tell you! Sheesh!

zerimar said...

I would choose i love you, well done, feel better soon, and oh happy day

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