Friday, December 19, 2008

....and again.

once again we find ourselves in the middle of a huge snowstorm. my hubby's work decided not to open until noon today because of it, so he spent the morning snow-blowing. somehow i have the feeling he would have rather been at work!

snow that stuck to the outside of our window. it's VERY windy outside.

after 15 minutes of snow-blowing, i went out with my scarf to tie around hubby's face. since it is still snowing and really windy, his face was freezing off. doesn't he look so handsome in my scarf?

the kids LOVE watching daddy and the snow-blower outside.

and here's a photo to show just how much snow we have. i'm only leaning out the front door because i don't actually want to step outside. that's poor hubby in the distance taking care of the sidewalks. and of course it's all still coming down, so there's more to come. we're supposed to get anywhere from 11"-22" in the next couple days.

this is how my hubby looked after about an hour of snow-blowing. poor the time he got done, everything he started with was already covered in over an inch of snow again! he looks so happy.

and look at this hat! what a guy!


Katrina said...

Ah, the joys of winter! We got about 5 inches last night and I could hear the sleet hitting the window all night. Ick. They didn't cancel school today, but they SHOULD have ... driving was insane, especially with the ice underneath it all! But at least we'll all have a white Xmas!!

Molly said...

It does look beautiful out there...

Vicki said...

That picture of the boys standing together is priceless! Hope you're all dug out by now :)

Erin @ Bride Design said...

It's all sorts of lake-effect insanity over this way. My best friend is traveling from Madison to the East Coast for her annual holiday visit. She left a day late since she told me you guys got like 16" or something! WOW.

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