Friday, December 19, 2008


yesterday i met my new best friend. mint.

this website lets you view all of your bank accounts, investments, etc. in one place! it has a million other features like finding ways to save money, budgeting, and even has an application for your iphone. (not that i have one yet.) i'm someone who likes to know how much money i have at all times. while i do like to splurge, i've always been relatively good with my money. one thing i've been horribly bad at is investments. i contribute to them, but then i never look at them. i have no idea if they're making or losing money. it's horrible. but with this site, there's no excuse. if i go to check my bank account, my 401k information is right next to it! i'm so stoked about this i can't even tell you!

i'm not going to lie, it took quite awhile to get it all up and working. you need to have log-in and password information for every single one of your accounts. if you already have these, great. if not (like me), i had to go to all of our investment's websites and create them and then go back and plug them in. but once you get the info, you're done. you don't need to enter it again. it's all done now and i feel so great about what's to come! now i can go and play with all the fun tools they have available!

oh yeah, did i mention it's FREE! yes, totally free. i'm in love.

*thanks to my hubby who sent me the link! (of course he would send it to me rather than do it himself because he has no clue where any of our money is.)


Melissa said...

I used it for a little while months ago, but it got depressing really quickly. ("I spent HOW MUCH at Target???") So I had to stop!

Tara said...

Melissa, the first step is admitting you have a problem :)

Thanks for sharing this link... I've been struggling to find something like this that works for me. Will give it a whirl.

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