Sunday, December 14, 2008

cutest sleeper ever

if there was a contest called "cutest sleeper ever" i think the little dude would have a great chance of winning it. first we had the sleeping while standing up photo. then i went in his room the other night and found him like this! how cute is he? just fell asleep all cuddled up with george while reading his book. we have a nightly routine. either the hubby or i will read him 3 books before bed. he's then allowed to keep one in bed with him that he likes to flip through before he falls asleep. this one happens to be leonardo the terrible monster by mo willem. (he's the same guy that does the pigeon books.) if you need great books for any kids on your christmas list i highly recommend anything by mo willems. leonardo happens to be my personal favorite.


Nicole said...

We are fans of Mo too! :)

Di said...

Cute photo and I love the pigeon books - I may need to look out for the Incredible Monster book too! Have you seen the Scaredy Squirrel books?

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