Thursday, December 11, 2008

happy family

i decorated our christmas tree this weekend. the little dude really wanted to help decorate the tree, but being that his birthday party was the day before, he was a little pre-occupied with building legos. i decided to save a few ornaments for him because i knew that he would want to help once he got over his lego high.

of course, as soon as the legos were built he came running to help. i told him he could put them WHEREVER HE WANTED! he had full control over where to put the ornaments. above you can see what he ended up doing. (EXACTLY what i knew he would do by the way....the kid is so predictable!) he put all the tiny, glittery, ornaments on the same teeny-tiny branch. and then, said the cutest thing ever:

"it's like they're a happy little family.....just like us. mommy, daddy, me and baby r. they're so happy, to be together."

they're still exactly how he left them and will remain that way until the tree comes down.

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Katrina said... cute is that!!

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