Tuesday, December 30, 2008

holiday photo

i didn't plan on being away this long, but illness and general busy holiday stuff have gotten the best of me. (more on that later) i wanted to stop by and post a photo of the boys from christmas. i love their matching sweaters. it's a small issue between me and the hubby. he doesn't appreciate the matchy-match, but i believe that since i don't have a little girl to dress up in cute outfits that i should be allowed to dress the boys alike on special occasions. it's not like i do it on a daily basis. it was suggested by a family member that if he didn't like it i could dress them in pretty pink dresses instead! i thought that was a good idea!

i couldn't resist posting this photo of the boys with their two cousins A & E. i cannot tell you how perfect this photo is. the looks on each child's face is priceless. the oldest wondering when he could be done. E has a look on her face like "someone needs to control that kid NOW", and then of course, the little dude trying to control the baby dude. it just captures each of their personalities to perfection.

hope everyone had a great holiday! i'll be back with more holiday goodness soon!

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