Wednesday, December 31, 2008

christmas recap

it's a little delayed, but i wanted to make sure i did a post about our christmas.

the baby really got into opening his presents this year; even more so than at his 1st birthday. with each present, he would squeal this funny little squeal as soon as he got it open.

the baby had a strange obsession with putting gift bags on his head.

if you ask the little dude what his favorite present this christmas was, he will quickly answer that it is his new vacuum. he had a toy one that broke last year and has been asking for a new one ever since. we figure if he's going to be running the thing around the house all day, santa may as well bring one that actually does something. so santa brought a real big boy vacuum. the little dude's response: "i didn't know that santa had a black vacuum that was just my size!" i told him that santa has everything....i may regret that someday!

the big present of the year was a joint gift for both boys. the little dude is obsessed with playing with kitchens everywhere he goes. i swore i would never get one for the boys, but then i came across this adorable wood version that is definitely gender neutral. the little dude thinks it's a "boy kitchen" because it's made of wood and it's green.

i was trying to take a shot of this sans kids, but they just can't stay away from the thing! i guess that's a good thing.

i love the adorable little knobs

but my favorite part are the precious little wooden mushrooms that come with it! awe.

another hit of christmas was a cars computer from my brother and sister-in-law. they got it for the little dude, but the baby plays with it ALL THE TIME! he loves that thing!

the baby has been obsessed with babies for awhile now. it's one of the words he says the best. he got a baby doll from santa and i found him sitting on the couch reading to the baby the other day. too cute!

one of the things i'm most proud about this christmas is the little dude and his generosity with his toys. in order to make room for the new ones, we went through all the old ones and he helped us decide which ones he could give to other little boys who didn't have toys. the pile filled our entire kitchen island! what a great kid!

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