Wednesday, December 16, 2009

that's what he said :: dance


when i was away in new york last week, the little dude told me on the phone that he had been drawing me some cards for when i got back home. he's been so creative about the things he chooses to draw and is always coming up with the best things for us to spell out for him. he'll give us big, long sentences and say: "ok, now how do i spell that". i must say, he's very patient and will sit there and write the whole thing out.

anyway, this is one of the pieces of artwork i returned home to find waiting for me.

do a dance

here's a breakdown:
i love you mommy
let's do a dance
(including hearts and smily faces)

then, below that on the left, there's a man cooking bratwurst on a "heater", meaning grill. (you can see he wrote the word "heater" in the grill) all the other stuff is a huge storm that the man is cooking in. i think i've mentioned before how obsessed with storms the little dude is. nearly all of his drawings include tornados or storms of some kind. it's always interesting when he comes home from school with tornados on his artwork. i wonder what his teachers think!

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Candied Fabrics said...

Oh - this is awesome! And it's so great you've memorialized it with the blog - kids are so prolific, that I know I am guilty of throwing away a bunch of their work...there's just so much. I resolve to digitize more of it!

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