Thursday, December 03, 2009

thrifted :: wooden kool-aid crate


kool aid

this vintage wooden kool-aid crate is one of my favorite things i came home with from my grandparents' farm. a few months ago my large italian family held a family-only auction at my grandparents' farm. my grandparents have recently moved on and purchased a condo and needed to get rid of decades worth of stuff. we all gathered to find treasures that we wanted to keep in the family. if you know anything about me, this is my dream come true. not only was there tons of old stuff to go through, but it was old stuff that belonged to my family. double whammy. if i had a million dollars i would have purchased it all, rented a u-haul, and brought it home with me to love forever.

while i'm usually a thrifty thrifter, i was much more willing to spend top dollar on things that i loved and had sentiment behind them. a few people had their eye on this kool-aid crate, but it was one item i was willing to bid on all day long. i don't remember exactly how much i ended up spending on it but i'm sure it was less than $20.

i'm totally smitten with the bright yellow box and it's deep green lettering. it's found a home in our family room and is filled with old thrifted bowls that i'm hoping to fill with something fun eventually. i just need to figure out what that might be.

(you'll be seeing many more items over the coming weeks that i've brought home from the farm.)


Cassie said...

VERY cool! Possible bowl fillers...365 little pieces of paper with something to be happy about or a quote or something on each one. Pick one out each day to start the day off right! :)

My parents (and my great grandmother) used to be antique dealers/restorers and a few years ago, we had a huge family auction but it was for different reasons and was all very sad. I'm glad to hear that you had an awesome experience!

mari said...

I am SO jealous.
That's all I have to say to you right now.

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