Friday, December 04, 2009

family friday :: glittering acorns for christmas presents


as a follow-up to my morning photo tutorial, i thought i'd post about what those glittery acorns were all about!

for the last 2 years the little dude has collected oh, a million acorns or so. at the park right across the street, there are two oak trees right by the play equipment that shed acorns all fall. (sometimes even bonking us on our heads!) the little dude has been known to literally walk his play wheelbarrow across the street just to go pick up a "load" of acorns.

this year, instead of throwing them all out when he wasn't looking, i thought we should do something proper with them. when i told the little dude we were going to glitter them, he was beyond excited.


we started out by spreading a huge piece of packing paper down to protect the table from the inevitable glue droppings i knew there would be from a 4 year old wielding a paintbrush and a bowl of glue. then, we laid out all the glitter colors we were going to use, along with bowls for each. you may remember this photo of the day from last week.

acorn decorating

i laid down the ground rules about not mixing glitter colors, using only a little glue, etc. i was surprised by how well the little dude followed instruction. i'm not kidding when i say that he sat there for over an hour glittering each and every acorn with patience. he would have sat longer, but when the baby woke up, it was the end of glitter. (no explanation needed there!)

acorn decorating

for as well as the little dude followed directions, i guess i should have paid a little more attention. this is what happens when you stick a glue covered brush into a bowl of glitter. oops!

acorn bokeh2

in the end, we had lots and lots of pretty glittery acorns which i hope to use to top off all of our christmas gifts.


Cassie said...

What a great idea! I've only gotten as far as getting an old Mason jar for all of Griffin's rocks that he picks up and brings home. :) Can't do too much with a 16 month old! haha!

kelli said...

I love these! I bought some Martha Stewart glitter (a set of golds) and keep trying to find more projects. Cute idea.

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