Monday, December 07, 2009

marzipan monday :: crazy



i really wish this is what my studio looked like right now. instead, it's a disaster of things needing to be put away from 2 holiday shows this weekend and stuff that needs to be packed into suitcases to take the trip with me to new york on wednesday. i'm doing an all day trunk show on park avenue on thursday that i'm very excited and hopeful about. i hope it turns out to be as grand as it's been touted to be....especially since i'm plunking down a fair amount of money in travel expenses and shipping expenses to get things there. it's going to be a busy-hectic week here so i'm sure things on the blog will be quiet. i'll post what i can, when i can.


Cassie said...

VERY best of luck to you, Lori! You are so talented and deserve the very best that life has to offer you!

mari said...

You are going to be amazing.
I hope to hear all about it when you're back safe and sound. Good luck!

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