Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas :: star bokeh


as you know, i'm a major bokeh lover. i've always admired photos of bokeh with shapes of lights. i've read some about it but never had the time to try it myself. after calling it quits this morning on the work front i immediately picked up my camera and headed off to try my hand at some shape bokeh. it took a couple tries, and it's still not perfect, but i think i have the basic idea down. hopefully i'll have some time to perfect it over the holidays with all of the available lights!

i leave you with my star bokeh for the holidays. merry christmas to all!

star bokeh

star bokeh

star bokeh


Anonymous said...

oh, lori. these photos are gorgeous!

a very merry holiday to you and your family. :)


Heather Grilliot said...

I love this idea!!! Care to share how you did it??

Dallas said...

I agree - how did you do it? This is a beautiful photo.

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