Wednesday, December 02, 2009

things i want tuesday :: books (purchased)


i'm doing my things i want tuesday a day late since yesterday as focused on the little dude's birthday. this week i'm actually featuring things i not only want, but purchased! i haven't received them yet but hope that some of them will be arriving today. i had a $50 amazon gift card that i won on a blog contest which was burning a hole in my e-mail in-box for months. i finally bit the bullet and bought the following three books that were on my list and only ended up paying $6.00 out of pocket! sweet!


i am most excited to get this book. it looks so amazing. the colors alone have me excited to flip through the pages.


i know i've been running my business for 8 years already, but i'm always interested to see if there are any little nuggets of info in these books that i haven't thought of or used yet.

pw cookbook

finally, the pioneer woman cookbook. you may remember me mentioning her before when she featured some of my photos on her blog. i've been a fan for a long time. i shared my love for her blog with my aunt who in turn bought her cookbook. i'm not a huge cookbook person so it never even really crossed my mind to purchase it. (sorry pioneer woman!) well, my aunt brought the book with her to thanksgiving so that i could take a peek. let me just say: this is not just a cookbook. it's a work of art. her amazing photos are scattered throughout and it looks more like a coffee table book of fine photography than a cookbook. AND, according to my aunt, her recipes are to die for! sounds like a win, win to me! can't wait to dig through this book.

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mari said...

LOVE That graphic design book. Great inspiration!
tell me how the craft business book is, I'm looking for a good resource...

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