Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a BIG deal!



i woke up to an amazing surprise today.

about a week ago i read about an assignment on the pioneer woman photography blog. i had never participated in one before. however, this assignment was right up my alley and one that i actually already had photos for! i uploaded 2 photos to the assignment flickr group and went on with my day.

fast forward to this morning. turns out ree, the blog owner, took some time to go through some of the photos that were uploaded and picked one of mine as one to feature on her blog today! i nearly had a heart attack when i saw my photo come up among the other amazing photos. with a readership following comparable to design*sponge or dooce, what a tremendous boost for my photography self-esteem!


tara - scoutie girl said...

congrats, lori! that's fantastic news. i love seeing when that extra minute of effort really pays off in a big way.

mari said...

What a wonderful feeling! I bet it made your day!
And I love Bokeh, never knew what it was til now. But short depth of field is my favorite thing.

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