Friday, April 02, 2010

101 in 1001 :: the beginning


(this photo will be a part of my header for this feature as a symbol of the changes and growth this this project will bring to my life)

i recently heard about a very intriguing project that got me thinking. the project is called day zero and focuses on accomplishing your goals. the challenge is to complete 101 tasks (written by yourself) in a period of 1001 days (approx. 2.75 years).

i know that the people who know me best are probably rolling their eyes right now and mumbling to themselves, "ok lori, when do you think you're going to have time for this?". well, just like everything else, i will. i know myself and i know that if i write things down, and especially if i share them, i will have a better chance of following through with them. so, with that said, here are the 101 things i'd like to accomplish in the next 1001 days.
  1. stop watching so much t.v.
  2. read at least 1 book every 3 months
  3. use the time i used to spend watching t.v. to craft more
  4. decorate our master bedroom
  5. put up bunk beds for the boys
  6. re-upholster living room ottomans
  7. get a new sofa for the living room
  8. take a trip to portland to see if it’s somewhere we might like to live
  9. take the boys to chuck e cheese
  10. paint the sunroom
  11. after the hubby installs the floor boards, paint them along with trim on lower level
  12. touch up paint where needed throughout the house
  13. paint back entry way and stairs down to office
  14. remove carpet from stairs and paint them something fun!
  15. make our guest room something that a guest would like to stay in!
  16. put together “art wall” in living room that i’ve had planned in my head for years
  17. refinish foot stool from grandma  
  18. try a new recipe at least once every other week
  19. get through the back-log of catalogs i have
  20. organize pages from catalogs in binders
  21. finish thrifted project for bedroom
  22. get the flower beds in the front of the house looking good
  23. build brick “wall” in side flower bed
  24. watch all of the oscar nominated movies from 2005 to present
  25. take the boys on a photo scavenger hunt to find objects that resemble letters of the alphabet and take photos of them to spell out their names
  26. surprise the boys with a picnic out in the yard
  27. take a trip to the zoo
  28. change my baby’s last diaper!
  29. take a weekend trip to chicago
  30. take a weekend trip to madison
  31. take a road trip with no plans. just get in the car and drive.
  32. create a piece of art just for myself
  33. purge my craft closet
  34. buy a larger family vehicle
  35. purge the boys’ toys
  36. visit the library with the boys at least once a month
  37. get my braces off!
  38. whiten my newly straightened teeth!
  39. do a major seo job on all of my websites
  40. redesign my blog header
  41. try out a mostly vegetarian lifestyle
  42. meet some of my online friends in person
  43. improve my photography skills
  44. purchase some different lenses for my camera
  45. purchase a shoe flash for my camera
  46. hit my weight loss goal. (6 more lbs!)
  47. continue eating 1 whole piece of fruit every day
  48. go through my computer and get rid of unnecessary files
  49. research and find an amazing tattoo artist.
  50. get the tattoos i’ve wanted in honor of my boys
  51. purchase investment pieces of clothing instead of cheap crap
  52. go through the house and seriously edit. if i don’t love it, it has to go
  53. send out more hand-written notes
  54. grow my hair back out….maybe??
  55. take the boys hiking once a week in the warm weather seasons
  56. buy recycled before new
  57. try to use every piece of produce from our csa. no waste.
  58. learn to can food
  59. learn to make sauce from the tomatoes we get from our csa
  60. sew a piece of clothing from a pattern
  61. use thrifted clothing to create new pieces
  62. make some decorative pillows for the living room
  63. made more decorative pillows for the bedroom
  64. find little trinkets to fill my empty type drawer
  65. spend more one on one time with the baby and teach him the basics. ie. letters, numbers, animals, colors. things we did with #1, but have slacked with #2
  66. get back to the basics of design. ie. paintbrush to paper
  67. once the house is done, do a photo tour on my blog
  68. power wash our dirty white house. ick.
  69. schedule more play dates for the boys
  70. meet new people in the area
  71. take the baby to his first day of preschool!
  72. take the little dude to his first day of full-day kinder!
  73. have a date night with the hubby once per month
  74. continue moving my business in a direction that leads to more design time and less administrative work
  75. continue moving my business in a direction that leads to less inventory and more print-on-demand
  76. hold hands with my hubby more
  77. paint my nails more
  78. splurge on a day at the spa
  79. burn candles on a daily basis
  80. print blog into bound books….especially family related posts
  81. go out for girls’ night out once a month
  82. cough…take down the last of the x-mas decorations….cough
  83. start an exercise program
  84. buy more food containing ingredients i can pronounce
  85. teach my children to garden & grow their own food
  86. adjust my savings program for my 401k
  87. make a will
  88. check into better home/car insurance rates
  89. splurge on a great pair of jeans when i hit my weight loss goal
  90. wear dresses/skirts more often
  91. wear jewelry every day
  92. fold laundry within 24 hours of washing it
  93. get a nice mailbox to replace the brass piece of crap on our house
  94. get nice looking house numbers that you can actually see from the street!
  95. learn to make up a nice smoky eye
  96. bring positive energy into my life by exuding positivity
  97. share love
  98. share joy
  99. share wisdom
  100. share strength
  101. share happiness 
i plan to update the blog once a week with items that i have either completed or worked on. i'm thinking of making it a friday feature. i hope you'll follow along.

what would your 101 things include? share them with me, i'd love to hear your ideas!


Anonymous said...

wowza!! :)

i intend to do #77 some time this weekend.

Three Owls said...

that is a great list... and in order to complete my own I may be borrowing some :) of course number one on my list is to find some time to write the dang list!! lol.
I see you have a csa... that is so fantastic! I also do that and love it... there is an amazing grain csa in the area I live in. Well, I think it's time to take my coffee out onto the patio and work on my list.... have a great weekend! Happy Spring :)

Deb@ Owl and Bunny said...

wow, awesome! i love the idea!

mari said...

This looks like an organized version of my random list in the "home" section of my todo notebook! You know, the things that never get done because they're written down in the back somewhere?
Kudos to you Lori, if anyone can make these things happen it's you! I'm looking forward to following along and getting a little inspired to start some of my list ;)

Fiona Cartolina said...

Wow - I believe that you can, and will, do all this.
I'm amazed that you even had time to write the list!

one sydney road said... that's a list!! that must have taken a bit of time just to write the list :) seeing what you've done with your biz, i have no doubt you can cross these off your list!! i know i'm with you on a lot of them...definitely have it on my list to paint my nails more and burn candles more often :) i like fun to-do's like that!!

Allison said...

I have wanted braces for so long, but turning 40 this year hindered my resolve - kids' orthodontist said I was too old... You are an inspiration!

Christy said...

I love this idea! I need to make a list myself ASAP...

Patti said...

love, love, love this! very motivating :) I'm thinking I should make a list of my own!

Nicole said...

I am completely intrigued by this idea. Lately I've let my goal setting fall to the wayside and have noticed a sharp decline in what I accomplish each day as well. Go figure. Just last night I was reading in Chip Heath's and Dan Heath's new book, "Switch" about BHAGs- Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals and how many of the long-lasting companies set them. This seems like a good way to work towards a BHAG! Good luck with yours!

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