Monday, April 19, 2010

marzipan monday :: evolution of a logo


logos are one of my favorite things to design so i was so excited when hannah from yes you maigh asked me to help her design a new logo for her blog/shop! i thought it might be interesting to do an evolution of a logo post here to show you how we went from concept to final product.

i know hannah's work and read her blog so i thought it would be a fun project to collaborate on. her only real requirement was that it be in black and white. her first thought was to include some bricks and/or another graphic element with her name. although i don't know hannah personally i feel like i get her sense of humor and quirkiness. so, for round one, i whipped up some concepts using the brick and also using the "greater than" symbol playing off the idea that her shop is greater than anything else around it.


there were several rounds of concepts in the process, but i'm going to stick to the path that got us to the end. after seeing the first round, hannah sent me some images that had inspired her of roughly drawn flowers/greenery. she thought it might be a nice contrast to the harsh bricks. i came up with 3 different floral looks and combined them with a couple brick options. the floral below was her favorite of the three.


after thinking about it for awhile, hannah decided that her first idea of bricks was really what she wanted to stick with and that while she liked the florals, she felt it was more of a seasonal look. so, after a couple font changes/options, the logos below are the final result that we came up with. she's currently using the compact version on her etsy site and the horizontal version on her blog.



tammy said...

i love seeing the process of how artists work through their ideas, it always fascinates me, thanks for sharing, looks great on her blog

dragondreamer said...

I was going to say I like design 3:1.. then I went to her shop hehe!! They all look GREAT though!! Love the ideas!!

Delaney Gates said...

I really enjoyed this post! I RT'd it on Twitter but thought I'd take a moment and let you know here, too. :)

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