Thursday, April 22, 2010

thrifted :: mid-century modern chair


got this fabulous mid-century modern chair at an estate sale this past weekend. it was at an amazingly cute little mid-century home (which was also for sale) and packed to the brim with authentic mid-century pieces. i heard it through the grapevine that the owner actually owned a furniture store downtown back in the day so every piece of furniture in their house was pristine and very well made. we went on saturday when everything was full price. there was a sofa and 2 side chairs (none of them part of a set, but all matching style). we wanted all of them but decided to take a chance and come back first thing in the morning when everything was 1/2 price. BIG MISTAKE! the couch and chair that i had fallen in love with were both sold. however, this chair, the one that the hubby liked, was still there. so, we picked it up for $47.50 ($95 the day before). it's in near-perfect condition. it's only missing a couple of the tufting buttons which can easily be replaced. it also has a little surprise of being a recliner! a little foot rest kicks out from underneath. the foot rest is quite tiny for the hubby, but would be good for me. right now it's calling our sunroom home. we hope that when we find a sofa and another side chair it will be part of our living room set.

mid-century chair

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