Thursday, April 29, 2010

in other news :: top 100 arts blogs


i just had to share this little tidbit with you. the lovely katrina over at pugly pixel informed me yesterday that i had made the top 100 arts blogs list on technorati! what's technorati you may ask? (so did i!) it's a site that rates blogs. i'm not totally clear on how the rating works. it has to do with links to your blog from other blogs. the higher on the list those other blogs are, the better your score. from what i understand, we're not talking about blogrolls here. these are content based links. so, things like being linked from design*sponge really helps my score because they're high on the list themselves. (see, i just helped her out by linking to them in my content! not that she needs it, but you get the idea)

so, anyway, just a fun little thing to share. right now i'm #55 on the arts list, but from what i hear it changes a lot and often. so, i'll bask in the "fame" for a moment in case it doesn't happen again for awhile!




mari said...

OMG, that's so cool! I think I remember asking you about Technorati in the fall and neither of us had a clue how to use it then. Hehehe. Live and learn!
Think you can claim this on your CV somehow? Add it to your bio? I'm half-joking.

Anonymous said...

hoooray!! :D :D :D

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