Wednesday, April 28, 2010

that's what he said wednesday :: house pipes


the little dude comes up with drawings sometimes that make my head go "waaah?". this is his drawing of "a house. and these are all the pipes under the ground". how on earth does a 5 year old know, or even understand that there are pipes under our house? (and then care enough to draw it!) just more fuel to add to my pile of evidence which makes me think he'll be some sort of engineer. (just like all 4 of my mom's brothers....guess it runs in the family.)



Lizzie said...

My then 3 yr old used to draw computers with a wire and a plug... When I asked why he looked at me and said they don't work if they're not plugged into the wall! I reminded him about it the other day...he's now 15 1/2yrs old and the answer was exactly the same!

Josh & Krista said...


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