Friday, April 09, 2010

family friday :: easter


just a few quick photos of our family easter....


the baby had been begging for a "helmult" for his bike for months. i told him that maybe the easter bunny would bring one for him. what do you know? easter morning, a helmet was hanging from his easter basket. he was the happiest kid on the planet! who needs candy when you could have a helmet!


the annual easter egg hunt with my family. i wanted to include a photo of both kids here, but if you saw the photos of the little dude, you'd understand why i didn't. anyway, here's the baby finding one of his eggs at the base of a tree.


and here's a photo of the little dude emptying his eggs. this photo is horrible, but i couldn't not include him in any of these. this was the best that i could find. in the egg hunt, each kid got to find 5 eggs. out of his 5 eggs, he got 4 slinkies! luckily some of his cousins traded him for some other treasures.

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