Wednesday, April 07, 2010

that's what he said wednesday :: easter


red velvet

if you've been a reader for awhile, you know that the baby seems to have a little potty mouth. really, it's just one particular phrase he likes to say. once again, he leads us to another that's what he said wednesday.

last week we were at the grocery store picking up ingredients for our easter celebration. somehow i got on the subject of easter with the little dude and how not everyone celebrates it. of course, he asked why. i tried to explain it on a 5 year old level and just said that some people go to different type of churches that celebrate different holidays. somewhere in there i also mentioned that some people don't go to church or celebrate easter at all because they don't believe in god.

at this point the baby quickly pipes up: "like god damn it?"


tara - scoutie girl said...

wow - mike thinks that babies who swear are cute. i'll definitely be sharing this with him ;)

you always make me chuckle, lori!

Three Owls said...

ha ha ha... love it... things are always way funnier when it's someone else's kids... :) I may borrow his quote on occasion...

lesley [smidgebox] said...

ha! i love it. thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning :)

one sydney road said...

omg, i just had a good laugh at that! and of course only a little one could get away with something like that!!

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