Thursday, September 10, 2009

vintage tray


this week's thrifty find's thursday comes from the same flea market that i went to a couple months ago. i found this amazingly intricate tray sitting on a table with no price tag on it. i asked the lady manning the table how much and i couldn't believe my ears when she said "fifty cents". needless to say, i snatched it up quickly before anyone else decided they wanted it.

thrifted tray

the tray is very intricately painted in a green, gold, and brown color palette.

thrifted tray

in some spots it's chipping which i, of course, love.

thrifted tray

i'm using the tray as a centerpiece for our new dining room table. i went to the local thrift store and bought white bowls in different shapes and sizes varying from 29 cents to 79 cents each. i then filled them with succulents from my mom's garden and also a few from the local nursery. the whole project was very inexpensive and very green. everything was bought used, or given from my mom, except for the few extra plants i bought. even the rocks were re-used from an old fountain we had and no longer use.

thrifted tray

these are some cute little spiderweb hen and chicks from my mom.

1 comment:

mari said...

Lori, that tray is unbelievable. I need to find a good flea market stat before my jealousy gets the best of me ;)

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