Monday, September 14, 2009

a year in photos :: GIVEAWAY!

this sunday marks the 1 year anniversary of my "photo of the day" posts. it all started with a new camera i got for my birthday. i thought it would be fun to track my progress of learning how to take better photos. here was my first photo:

the beginning

i feel like i've learned a lot in the last year, but i know i have a lot, lot more to learn! i'm ok knowing that i'll probably never be a super-great photographer because it's more about having fun for me. i enjoy being able to take semi-decent photos of my kids and the things around me....and that's enough. this isn't to say that i'm going to stop learning. i would love to get better, maybe even take a class, but even if that doesn't happen, i'm content.

i've gotten a lot of comments and compliments on my photos throughout the year. it makes me happy to know that some of you may be enjoying them too! i've even had a few suggest that i should sell prints! i'm not sure i feel my work is good enough to sell quite yet, but it's flattering to know that some think it is.

i thought a good way to repay you all for visiting and commenting on my photos (please continue!!) would be to have a little giveaway! while i don't feel confident enough to charge for my photography yet, i'd love to give some away! all you have to do to enter is visit my flickr "photo of the day" photostream and pick your favorite from this year. come back here and enter the name to win! (they're all named by date) 3 lucky winners will win an 8x10 professional print of the photo of their choice!

i'll leave the contest open through sunday (the official anniversary of the photo of the day) at midnight (cst).

i sure would appreciate your help spreading the word of the contest through twitter and facebook (and maybe even your own blog) if you can!


Michele P. said...

wow, you have some really nice colorful photos there! I love the flowers, so vivid! But I also love to make guacamole, and the 120408 photo of the halved avocado would make hubby's mouth water if I had it in the kitchen... so that would be my choice~!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Michele P. said...

tweeted for you here:

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the kids looking out the 073109. The breeze is blowing, the sun is reminds me of being a kid and simpler times. :)

Anonymous said... the way...I'm Lisa. I went to high school with Chris. :)

Jen Comer said...

Thanks for the lovely blog!

One of my very favourites is 091009 -- but I heart all of your macro shots!

Anonymous said...

All lovely, but here's my personal fave:

Rachael said...

It was really fun to see the progression of your photos from when you started until the end...I could see the change in seasons and how your photography got better, too! I think it may have had some to do with the lighting you captured in your pictures. There are alot that I like, but something about this one just makes me like it: 071909

Anonymous said...

Ok...I didn't see the #'s or names of the pics.... but my fave is the typewriter keys!!!! you are fab!!! xoxo Kelli Jo

Josh & Krista said...

before I forget...041609

WOW! What great photos! This is a great idea, thank you for shairng this with us!


leslie said...

I've been so amazed at your photos lately. . .they're really eye catching and breath taking! I definitely see a fourth shop in the making! ;) And you're the only one I know who could take that on!!!

And please don't count this as an entry (I've already had my share of lovely winnings from your site!). . .just wanted to let you know that yep! I'm enjoying your photos!

michelle clancy said...

May 19, 2009 is my choice...a hard choice I may add. Great work!
Founding member of Lori Dunbar Fan Club, Michelle Clancy

Shelley VDM said...

They are all just beautiful, Lori! But my fave is: 052209
may 22, 2009

Tracy (paper + ink designs) said...

I LOVE them all and you have done such a great job, Lori. I can totally see some of these in magazines. One of my favs since the first time I saw it - which is the first one that came to mind when I read about your giveaway is 090909. I love the vintage yet modern look to it and it really lends so much to the imagination about what's not in the picture. I love the brightness of the color combo red & blue.

Love it. :)


Nancy Sherwood said...

Love them all and had the hardest time choosing but sept. 8 is still my fav!

Anonymous said...

i have to admit, it's hard to choose...but 9/24/08 (and 9/20) are my current faves...must be something about the fall.

j brault

Hannah Chandler. said...

I promise I looked through all of them, but I must admit I am enamored by the picture you posted today.


I think it's because it would look fantastic close to my newly painted white fireplace. :)

Carey@Lasso'd Moon Designs said...

you make it hard to choose! I love today's (091909). but really there's a ton (approx 365) that are fantastic :) )

Val said...

Hi - 070609 (dragonfly)and 061309 (periwinkle/white flower) are my faves. Picking just one is a real difficult choice. I love 081209 (b&w portrait) too. I enjoy your daily photos & RT you often. Keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing!

- val

nancy a said...

ok...9/20, 10/08, 11/14, 12/06, 12/20, 01/05, 01/10, 01/22, 07/23, and of course 09/11...i guess you just need to let me know when you put them up for sale!! :) great job and congratulations!! keep up the inspiration.

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