Monday, September 21, 2009

and the winners are....

first of all, thank you all so much for voting for your favorite photo of the year! it was fun to see what each of you chose.

i thought it would be nice to post the winners along with the photos they chose! here are the three winning photos and the people who voted for them

winner #1
Tracy (paper + ink designs) said...
I LOVE them all and you have done such a great job, Lori. I can totally see some of these in magazines. One of my favs since the first time I saw it - which is the first one that came to mind when I read about your giveaway is 090909. I love the vintage yet modern look to it and it really lends so much to the imagination about what's not in the picture. I love the brightness of the color combo red & blue.
Love it. :)

thanks tracy! i love this one too. it seems to have a story. i also love all the negative space in this photo. nice and airy!

winner #2
Hannah Chandler. said...
I promise I looked through all of them, but I must admit I am enamored by the picture you posted today. 091909
I think it's because it would look fantastic close to my newly painted white fireplace. :)

i love that hannah chose the last photo of the year. this is one of my favorites from the whole year. i love the vintage look of it!

winner #3
nancy a said...
ok...9/20, 10/08, 11/14, 12/06, 12/20, 01/05, 01/10, 01/22, 07/23, and of course 09/11...i guess you just need to let me know when you put them up for sale!! :) great job and congratulations!! keep up the inspiration.

i love that nancy chose a lot of photos that were still-life vs. nature photos. nature photos come much easier for me and one of my goals this coming year is to get better at still-life photos. since she chose so many i selected my favorite from her list! even though it's not the sharpest photo, i love the subject matter and the composition.

congrats to everyone who won! please contact me at to claim your print. i need to hear from everyone by end of day wednesday so i can send all the photos off together to get printed and not make anyone wait for their winnings!

this was fun, thanks again!


nancy a said...

i do love still life! and the fact that it has a "blur" to the pic makes it even better to me! i like your eye for nature and for capturing that moment in time. you are doing a great job behind that camera.... i must say i'm sooo excited....but i still await the sale! :)
thank you thank you!

Tracy (paper + ink designs) said...

OH MY! I'm SOOOO excited! Thank you so much Lori. I seriously can't wait to get this! It actually inspired me to paint some iron scroll pieces I have in lacquer red and now they will go perfectly in the same room with this photo. YAY!

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