Friday, September 18, 2009

help a friend


my good friend (and super talented artist) leslie asked if i would help her spread the word of an amazing young friend of hers. i met leslie through the internet somehow many years ago, but we've met in person a couple times now. she really is the sweetest gal on the planet and i'd pretty much do anything to help her out. so, here's a bit from her website today and a little bit about jalen. go. read. now.

If you have a moment, would you pay a visit to my young friend Jalen? I’ve known Jalen for two years, and he is an amazing kid. He’s super athletic (he excels at track/cross country, lacrosse, and football). He’s a big brother and a model son. Oh and he’s also a top notch student too. He’s everything a parent could wish for in a child.

Last summer Jalen learned he has brain cancer.

But that hasn’t deterred him from his goals. He’s fighting this battle with grace and strength. Won’t you pay a visit to his site? Leave an uplifting comment. Say a prayer. Keep him in your thoughts. And most importantly, live your life as he does. . . with perseverance and purpose. You’ll leave his site feeling inspired. I can promise that!

I present to you: Jalen’s Journey

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