Friday, June 18, 2010

fresh snapped photos :: my very first photo shoot


last night i met one of my good friends, kate, down at the lake for my very first photo shoot. she's having a baby any day now and asked if i would take some pregnancy photos for her. i was so nervous and excited all at once. it's one thing to take photos of my kids....if they don't turn out, i can take more tomorrow. however, when it's a scheduled event like this, if they don't turn out, there's not really a second chance.

nienhuis family

this photo was actually a happy accident. it wasn't planned, but when i saw it, i moved quickly to capture it before anyone moved! my friend's hubby was just watching the boys while i took photos of her and they were in the perfect spot to snap in the background. i love how sometimes the things that are the least planned turn out to be my favorites.

nienhuis family

we took a few full-family shots as well since everyone was all dressed up and looking nice. kate and i actually met when we were both pregnant with our oldest boys. they were born 6 days apart! her second boy is a little older than my baby, so when we get together it's a house full of rambunctious boys! to top it off, the little one waiting to be born is another boy! (apparently we like sticking with what we know best!)

nienhuis family

she also asked for a photo of the two handsome boys together. her oldest is completely opposite of my little dude when it comes to taking photos. we had to pry a smile out of him while my little dude strikes a pose as soon as he sees me with a camera in hand! i like this photo because it looks a little more casual and not so posed.

nienhuis family

kate and her hubby karl sharing a sweet moment together in the sand.

nienhuis family

another unplanned photo that i like. once again, karl was trying to keep the boys contained while kate and i took individual photos. in my book, there's nothing sweeter than father/child photos.

there are more photos from the shoot on my flickr site. feel free to check them out if you'd like to see more.


Anonymous said...

Love the first and last ones, the colors and composition are perfect!


Fiona Cartolina said...

Oh you are something - those are GORGEOUS. I can't believe how good you are at this. STUNNING!

Katie Hunt said...

These are so beautiful Lori! If I lived closer I would hire you in a second to do pics of my family!

Holly Bretschneider said...

So beautiful! Well done, Lori!

Three Owls said...

Beautiful photos... you have captured lots of great moments and I have no doubt the family is thrilled with these :)

tammy said...

you did an awesome job, these are beautiful. i love the colors. great choice for a setting. they are going to love them.

KatieLovesPaper said...

good job! and good luck with Fresh Snapped!!

lesley [smidgebox] said...

lori, you clearly have a gift for this! these pictures are absolutely beautiful. i love the belly shot with the family in the background! you've done a wonderful job capturing their family love, congrats!

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