Wednesday, June 02, 2010

in other news :: storytelling for creative biz success


although i no longer contribute to the scoutie girl blog, i still believe in tara and her business goals. i supported her first e-book, and wanted to introduce you to a new book she's releasing: storytelling for creative biz success.


i was able to peruse the introduction and second chapter of this book. this particular chapter is full of great info on how to write a great "about page". and, this isn't just for people with blogs, your about page could be on your business website, facebook page, linked-in, really, the possibilities are endless!

and as a little bonus, when i got to the end of the chapter, my own personal "about page" from my business website was listed as one of tara's favorites! what a nice little surprise!

if you're someone who struggles with writing about yourself, (hello, raising my hand!) i suggest ordering tara's book. she's an amazing writer who writes for everyday people. it's easy to read and follow along without having to go back and re-read a million times like some other business advice books. plus, tara's offering a pre-order special that's good until this friday, june 4th. if you order your book by then, tara will personally review & give email feedback on the "about page" assignment. that's a HUGE value!

just click here or on the "storytelling for creative biz success" image in my sidebar and it will take you right to the ordering page for her book.

and if you haven't already read her first book, i suggest getting that one as well.


tara - scoutie girl said...

thank you so much, lori!!!!!

one sydney road said...

I love what Tara does - she amazes and inspires me! Her kick down the door e-mag was amazing so I can only imagine this will be too!

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