Thursday, June 10, 2010

thrifted :: vintage ceramic doll


check out this little cutie i found last friday! she's made of ceramic and captured my heart even though i'm not typically a doll person. at all. i just love everything about her.

vintage ceramic doll

if anyone knows anything about her, feel free to let me know!

vintage ceramic doll

i paid more for her than i usually would, but she was at an estate sale rather than a garage sale which makes a difference in pricing. she came home with me for $10.


mari said...

Oh Lori, she's a doll - all puns intended.
Now you'll have to make her a little felt (I'm thinking it's easiest!) shift dress to protect her modesty ;)

Roxanne said...

This is a cutie - nice find!

Molly said...

Love the doll! I thought she looked like a kewpie doll so looked it up and found this...
Looks like you may have gotten a bargain!

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