Thursday, June 17, 2010

thrifted :: bingo ball


i found this vintage bingo ball at a thrift shop a couple weeks ago. in case you don't know what a bingo ball is, it's where you put all the numbers for bingo. the caller spins it around and the next number comes out of the little rotating cup.

bingo ball

i found the bingo ball and immediately knew what i wanted to do with it. i brought it home and made it the perfect home for my grandfather's childhood marbles.

bingo ball

what would you put in a bingo ball if you found one?


mari said...

All of my rocks! maybe I'll just steal yours in the middle of the night ...

Cassie said...

I'd write down 1 happy thought on a piece of paper, repeat 365 times, roll each piece of paper into tiny balls, and place them in the bingo ball. Each day I'd draw a happy thought! :)

samovarkath said...

I absolutely adore what you did ... using this Bingo thing to gorgeously display your Grandfather's marbles. My thrift and sentimental hats are off to you!

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