Monday, June 21, 2010

marzipan monday :: mindbloom


today i'm going to introduce you to my new goal tracker. i use teuxdeux a lot, which i love for my workday to-do list, but for my everyday goals, i found mindbloom is really fun. yes, i'll admit, it's a little cheesy, but i find that the accountability is really working for me.

Picture 1

i'll give you a little rundown. basically you start with a little sapling. your goal is to keep your sapling alive and add new leaves to grow your sapling. you do this by completing your goals and adding new goals. if you complete your goals, your leaves turn more and more green. if you fall off your goals, they start to turn orange and brown. it's basically a fun way to keep accountable. i know that if i don't do my goals for the day that my poor little leaves are going to turn brown, and the competitive side of me won't let that happen.

you can see my tree there in the middle of the screen. i have several different branches which equate to different areas of my life such as work, leisure, and family. each little leaf is a goal in that area. so far this simple little program has been good at keeping me accountable.

wanna join me? let me know and i can send you an invite. we can help keep each other accountable through "snail mails" in the program and view each other's trees to see how we're doing. come join me!

(originally introduced to this site by taylor at maryjanes and galoshes)


Cassie said...

Interesting! I'll take an invite!

Molly O'Bryon-Welpott said...

I def want an invite to mindbloom:) In the middle of a lot of changes and could use this

Dawn said...

I'd like an invite as well...maybe it'll actually boost my 'to do' spirit!

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