Monday, June 28, 2010

marzipan monday :: fin+roe letterpress lovelies


with my mom's birthday coming up at the end of this week, i thought i'd take the opportunity to feature some of our great snarky & sassy letterpress birthday cards from fin+roe.

fin+roe birthday cards

the greatest things about these cards are the unexpected greetings found inside. here are just a few....hopefully one tickles your fancy.

happy birthday :: i'd love to celebrate with you but i'm pretty sure there's an early bird buffet you want to get to.

happy birthday :: on the upside, grey goes with everything.

happy birthday :: in lieu of singing "happy birthday" we opted for a rousing chorus of "the final countdown"

happy, happy, birthday! :: congrats! you're one year closer to yelling at kids to get off your lawn.

birthday wishes :: mine include a pool boy, unlimited funds, and a guest house full of shoes. how about you?

1 comment:

Three Owls said...

oddly the last one is my b-day wish for this year too... lol. those are clever, love them.

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