Tuesday, June 01, 2010

things i want tuesday :: kinies


i never thought i'd say this but i think i may have found a cool fanny pack! how cute are these ruffle versions of the old 80's pack? how adorable?


i think this would be a perfect option for my thrifting ventures....garage sales, flea markets, etc. where sometimes space is tight and you definitely want your hands free.


and the option to throw it over your shoulder if you want is just an added bonus!

kinies :: $48


mari said...

This is hilarious - I'd bookmarked one of these a couple weeks ago for a future post! I so want one too!!! I'm thinking these days it's easier to have a leeetle bag for my essentials that's separate from the big ol' diaper bag. (then hubby can have diaper bag without me screaming where's my wallet?!)

Fiona Cartolina said...

I love these too - I saw them ages ago and I loved the idea of wearing one like a bustle right on my bum!

B. Anna said...

This is so cute, I just had to have one!

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